Revelation is now !

Bible prophecies and science predictions are merging and manifesting like never before.
Amazon fire, Nasa

This site is about the near-future downfall of global civilization just before the return of Jesus Christ according to Revelation’s first four trumpets, bowls, seals and other scriptures. From science today, the evidence is rapidly manifesting. From scriptures in the Bible, Jesus’ words are clearly terrifying: the total collapse of civilization —“a third of the earth will burn” (Rev 8:7), all the cities of the nations will fall, governments will dissolve (Rev 6:15-17), and the face of the planet will be laid waste (Isa 24; Rev 16:18-21) setting the stage for the global rule of the King of all kings.

The biblical and scientific evidence heralds the urgency for us to shift paradigms. Jesus said that His coming would be like the days of Noah–global destruction–so “you also must be ready” (Matt 24:34-44). Noah believed God and for a hundred years before the storm clouds appeared, he wielded his hammer. Today, scientists and theologians can see the maelstrom gathering on the horizon.

We must stop dancing on the Titanic and start building our arks.

 Dr. B. A. Vannah